CYCLISTMOTO TRADING CO., LTD. er einn af hinu virta framleiðendur, birgja og útflytjendur Reiðhjól keðju smurefni, með verksmiðju í Taiwan. Með margra ára reynslu í línu gera, við erum þekkt fyrir framúrskarandi árangur okkar í greininni. Við höfum hjálpað okkur eins og einn af leiðandi vörumerki í Taiwan. Við uppfæra stöðugt vörur okkar til að uppfylla alþjóðlega staðla. Við höldum hópur sérfræðinga, sem veitir um fæðingar tíma með mikilli quality.Our einlægni og vinnusemi hefur hjálpað okkur að passa gæði okkar með alþjóðlega staðla.


CHEPARK is a professional chemical manufacturer, mainly engaged in automotive, motorcycles and bicycles, and other metal industry factory families and so on the professional chemical supplies. In the future, in addition to full commitment to product development, but also to facilitate the use of tools to work hard.
We have the most complete product line, which can meet the market demand. And we believe continuous development can increase the competitiveness of our agents. At present, CHEPARK is the brand with the largest number of bicycle oil products in the world.
CHEPARK is 100% produced in Taiwan, from the raw material end to the finished product, we strictly control the quality and improve the competitiveness of our products. We are also a supplier/manufacturer for many bicycle assemblers.
CHEPARK cooperates with many top brands around the world, integrating our expertise in bicycles, the products will be the most suitable for bicycle needs in the market.
Our products use non-toxic and safe materials, which fully comply with SGS standards and must not harm the human body and bicycles.
If the customer acts as our local agent, we could also cooperate with agents to develop their local products. Our prices are uniform for global customers to avoid price competition. We also ensure that the customer is the only agent in their country and will not sell to other customers, even other distributors.

  • 2003
    Company established and mainly dedicated to Automotive and Industrial Products development and production of lubricants, detergents, and customized products.
  • 2004
    Cooperate with Giant Bicycle Taiwan.
  • 2005
    Obtained patent on grease guns to break new ground for such item. Adopt German technology to launch topnotch lubricant series specially for lubricant metals.
  • 2008
    Launch the series of professional bicycle maintenance products. Also make a debut and officially exhibited our products at Taipei cycling Show.
  • 2012
    Launch BIC-120G to solve the friction and sound problem of high-end bicycle.
  • 2013
    Cooperate with Nederland customer to develop BIC-90, upgrade the safety and torque to the highest level.
  • 2019
    Launch the maintenance products for E-bike.
  • 2020
    New type of tubeless sealant was developed. Using new material to seal the tire and holes more effective.
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